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SVNChecking out Kile from the Git Repository

Get Kile and prepare to compile

Kile's source code is available from KDE's Git infrastructure. You can browse the repository using GitWeb.

You can fetch the source code through anonymous repository access. For the KDE 3.x code enter:
git clone git://
cd kile
git checkout 2.0

For the source code for KDE 4.x (x >= 2) type:
git clone git://

For compiling Kile please refer to the compilation instructions.


Branches and tagsBranches and Tags

For every release branches and/or tags are created in Kile's Git repository. The branches can be found using the GitWeb interface.


JoinJoin the Team!

If you want to join the team, the best thing to do is to send a message to the mailing list and express your wish to help out. Please describe your skills and interests briefly.


Sending patchesSending Patches

Patches are always welcome. If your patch will be large, it is good practice to check with the maintainer if no one is working already on the feature you want to introduce. Always make the patch against the current Git version of Kile, otherwise the patch can most likely not be applied. On the command line first change to your working directory (i.e. the directory which contains the Git checkout) and then type:
git pull
git diff > mypatch.diff
Patches can be sent to the mailinglist or the maintainer (see the contact section).