Using Kile

Now that we have given you some background about how to write code using the LATEX markup language, we will show you how to create a document using Kile step-by-step.

  1. Start Kile.

  2. Select Wizard->Quick Start, then choose a format, and set your preferences in the wizard.

  3. Once the wizard has entered text, do some customization to make the document more readable, add a minimum of one quote, some bold text, italics, and a verse to see the difference between the commands.

  4. Save your file, and give it the name intro.tex.

  5. Build your document using Alt-2, or the button labeled LaTeX.

  6. Select View DVI.

  7. Check out all your new text.

  8. When you are done viewing your document, click the Editor View button or press Ctrl-e to return to the editor if you are using the embedded viewer, or close the viewer window if you are using a separate viewer.

That's it! You have just created your first LATEX document!

Once you have created your DVI, you will be able to print your document, or change it into a PostScript or PDF file if you want. Experiment and have fun!