Chapter 11. Projects

Table of Contents

Working with Projects
Creating a Project
The File and Project View
Adding and Removing Files
Project Options
Archiving your Project
Closing a Project

Working with Projects

In Kile you can create and work with projects. A project is a group of LATEX, graphic, BibTEX or other files that contain all the information that is used to build your complete document. A typical project would be a document consisting of several chapters, written in different .tex files; all of them could be included in a project, to make the whole document easier to manage. The specifications of the project are stored in a special file, with extension .kilepr.

A Project adds the following functionalities:

  • You need not set a master document, Kile does this automatically.

  • Project files can easily be archived together by going to Build->Other->Archive

  • The Files and Project view shows which files are included in the project.

  • After opening a project, any file that was previously opened will be restored with the original encoding and highlightning.

  • Code completion works across all project files.

  • Reference completion works across all project files.

  • Citation completion works across all project files.

  • Search in all project files.

  • Specify custom quickbuild and makeidx command.