The Kile Handbook

Jonathan Pechta

Federico Zenith

Holger Danielsson

Thomas Braun

Michel Ludwig

Revision 2.0 (November 19, 2007)

Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.1 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, with no Front-Cover Texts, and with no Back-Cover Texts. A copy of the license is included in the section entitled "GNU Free Documentation License".

Kile is a TEX and LATEX source editor and shell.

Table of Contents

1. Preface
Intended Audience
2. Introduction
Basic facts
About Kile
What is LATEX
How do you pronounce it? Why that strange typesetting?
Kile's Main Features
QuickStart Wizard
Predefined Templates
Syntax Highlighting
Auto-Completion of Environments
Jump to Structure Element
Inverse Search
Forward Search
The Toolbar
3. Quickstart
Writing a LATEX Document with Kile for Beginners
Using Kile
DVI Files
Viewing a DVI
Printing a DVI
Converting DVI files
Forward Search between Kile and KDVI
Inverse Search between Kile and KDVI
Resolving Errors
4. Starting a New Document
Create a New Template
Configuring Automatic Substitutions
Create a Template from the Wizard
Creating a Template from any File
Removing a Template
5. Editing LATEX Documents
The LATEX Reference
Cursor Movements
TEX Group
Double Quotes
Smart Newline
Smart Tabulator
6. Code Completion
Automatic Environment Completion
LATEX Commands
Autocompletion Modes
LATEX Commands
Document Words
Writing Own Completion Files
7. Wizards and Dialogs
Include Graphics
Array Wizard
PostScript Utilities
Document Statistics
8. Special Tags in LATEX
Using the LATEX Tag Library
Using Bibitems
User-Defined Tags
Placeholders in User-Defined Tags
9. The Build Tools
Compiling, converting and viewing
MetaPost and Asymptote
LATEX to Web
Passing Command-Line Parameters
Quick Preview
Selection Mode
Environment Mode
Subdocument Mode
Mathgroup Mode
Quick Preview in Bottom Bar
Graphic File Formats
Graphics Conversion
Use the right File for the right Graphic
EPS Graphics
LATEX and EPS Graphics
The PostScript Way of Kile
The PostScript Way and Bitmap Graphics
PDFLATEX and EPS Graphics
Master Document
Error Handling
The Watch File Mode
10. Navigating the LATEX Source
Using the Structure View
Updating the Structure View
11. Projects
Working with Projects
Creating a Project
The File and Project View
Adding and Removing Files
Project Options
Archiving your Project
Closing a Project
12. Document Encoding
The ucs Package
CJK Support
CJK Troubleshooting
How do I input CJK in Unicode?
13. Scripting
Scripting in Kile
API Reference
14. Help
Help Documents
Context Sensitive Help
Searching for Keywords
User Defined Help
15. Credits and License