Autocompletion Modes

LATEX Commands

You can also enable an autocompletion mode for LATEX commands. When a given threshold of letters (default: 3) is entered, a popup window opens with a list of all matching LATEX commands. You can select one of these commands, or ignore this window and type further letters. The entries of the completion box will always change and match your currently typed word.

Go to Settings->Configure Kile...->Kile+Complete to enable or disable this mode or to change the threshold.

Completing an Equation Environment

Document Words

Large dictionaries are not useful in autocompletion mode. But, we have seen that a lot of words in a document are typed more than once. So Kile offers a completion for all words from the document that the user has already typed before.

If you want to turn this mode on or off, go to Settings->Configure Kile...->Kile+Complete. In this configuration dialog you can also change the threshold at which the completion box pops up.